Voices from the SSAT National Conference

I was lucky enough to attend the last day of the SSAT’s excellent National Conference at the ICC in Birmingham in November as part of my work for the National College on our Developing Leaders for Tomorrow (Primary) programme, which we run with the SSAT. The last face-to-face day for programme participants is always this day at the conference, which I think is a great way to conclude a leadership development programme for young, aspiring school leaders. It feels like the message this communicates to participants is: ‘This is your community. These experienced leaders and innovative practitioners are your peers.’

I was also lucky enough to conduct and record a couple of brief interviews with some great practitioners whose seminars I attended. The point of this blog post, therefore, is to collect these together beside links to some great summaries of, and resources from, the conference.

First, some cracking links. The SSAT have curated some excellent resources from the conference, including full videos of keynote sessions on their conference website.

Michael Shepherd has an excellent set of reflections on the conference in his blog post ‘Standing still is not an option‘.

Bob Harrison has a nicely detailed set of summaries and reflections in his post ‘Learning genie out of the bottle‘.

Dan Stucke has a detailed and persuasive summary and set of reflections on Dylan Williams’ provocative keynote.

My recordings from the conference

Using the wonderful Audioboo application on my iPhone, I was able to capture and immediately publish on the web the following recordings.

Neil Hopkin on the negotiated curriculum

Chris Kitchen on collaborative technologies for learning

My summary of John Davitt’s seminar on ‘Active learning in a world of difference’

Image CC BY-ND Custard Factory