About me

I am an educator at heart. My career since 1999 has been dedicated to harnessing the potential of web technologies and networks to foster our learning and improve the way we work.

I have a deep and broad experience of both formal and informal online education for diverse and international groups of learners, as a teacher, a tutor, a course author, a community manager, a learning resource developer, a product manager, a project manager and a senior manager.

I have built up particular experience and enjoyed considerable success at:

  • leading and enthusing teams to implement online learning projects and initiatives
  • implementing online learning initiatives on a large scale
  • leading the design of educational experiences that involve technology
  • shaping products that support adults to learn and collaborate online
  • designing and delivering online learning for a diverse range of constituencies and purposes
  • training educators for a range of roles in delivering online learning
  • communicating the benefits of often complex projects and initiatives to diverse groups of stakeholders.

For more details about my experience, here's my LinkedIn profile: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/stuartsutherland

Header image CC BY-NC Kingsley Huang